Unroasted - Tanzanian Peaberry


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About the bean

In the coffee world, when you hear "peaberry" you think "Tanzania". Why? Nobody's quite sure! Peaberry is not unique to the country and Tanzania doesn't produce more peaberry than other regions. The instant brand recognition is thought to have been cemented during the early development of specialty coffee from Tanzania, perhaps at the expense of its other offerings. 

Peaberries are remarkable in that only one seed is fertilized in the coffee cherry: twins are the norm for the coffee species, peaberries are an only-child exception. Do they taste different? Some say most certainly, yes. Tanzanian Peaberry is often described as light in the cup and rich in flavour (a combination of soft and bright notes).

The peaberry tends to invoke a lot of mythology (the single seed contains more caffeine; the flavour is more intense, etc.). Of the various claims, one point of interest does appear to bear substance: a single, rounded seed (more uniform in size), like the peaberry, makes for an easier bean to roast and should produce a more consistent roast

A popular peaberry at a great price; a pleasant bolt for a morning brew.

CUPPING NOTES: Black tea, plum, balanced with sweetness.

Taste Test

We like a strong start to the a.m. and this peaberry is definitely a cup to build the day on. If you're thinking of going to Vienna, you might want to skip that roast profile (too bitter) and opt for a City+ or lighter roast. Brewed in a plunge-press or pour over, a City+ roast produced sweet notes (including sugar cane) and an excellent body: bright, piquant with a tangerine, caramel finish. Now, that's a good morning!

Roast recommendation: Medium to light. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: http://greenbeanery.ca/pages/roasting-chart.

* The peaberry can be a tricky roast, however. The beans are dry on the outside but trap moisture on the inside. The exterior will look quite dark by comparison to other beans as you roast. Bear this in mind, especially for lighter roasts (we prefer to go to first crack).