ESPRO P3 Coffee Press


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Every cup is double filtered, so there's no grit to ruin your day. 

The glass is 40% stronger and keeps beverages warmer for longer than a traditional press. The unit is designed to stop extraction instantly, so the last sip is as good as the first.

The Espro Press P3 combines the best parts of a traditional press (flavour, simplicity) and leaves out the worst (grit) thanks to a patented double micro-filter. Just add coffee grounds or tea. Pour in hot water and stir. Wait 4-5 minutes. Press. Enjoy.

Materials: Glass and plastic

Glass Insurance Recommendation:

We check the condition of our items thoroughly before shipping. However, fragile items with glass components can still be damaged during transit. 

Canada Post and other couriers do not accept responsibility for breakage or damage incurred in transit if the product involves glass

We recommend purchasing glass insurance for orders that include products made of glass or with glass components. Insurance can be added on at the following link: