Espro P5 Coffee Press - 32 oz


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ESPRO’s patented double microfilter ensures the cleanest of cups, offering twice the filtering power of a typical press.

The Espro P5 Coffee Press includes a double microfilter with a unique safety lock for easy separation and cleaning.

32 oz model.

Comes in a glass and copper finish and a glass and stainless steel finish.

  • No grit! - A patented double microfilter ensures your coffee remains sediment free. 
  • Bitter no more - Pressing the filter stops extraction completely to keep bitterness at bay. 
  • Toasty - The unit's double-walled stainless steel housing keeps beverages warmer for longer.
  • Strong - The P5 features glass housing that is 40% thicker than a traditional press, for heat and durability.
  • The 32 ounce press serves 2-4 people.
  • BPA, BPS, and phthalate free.

Glass Insurance Recommendation:

We check the condition of our items thoroughly before shipping. However, fragile items with glass components can still be damaged during transit. 

Canada Post and other couriers do not accept responsibility for breakage or damage incurred in transit if the product involves glass

We recommend purchasing glass insurance for orders that include products made of glass or with glass components. Insurance can be added on at the following link: