Zassenhaus Montevideo Coffee Mill


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Unit sold as is. Warranty coverage void unless product defective on receipt.

For hands on coffee connoisseurs in search of a fine grinding style.

Available in walnut/pear and melange. The melange model is currently available on sale.

The handsome wood exterior enhances the old-world elegance of the ZASSENHAUS MONTEVIDEO COFFEE MILL. But there's nothing out-of-date about the Montevideo's performance prowess.

A striking olive exterior masks a sturdy inner core of grinding might, powered by adjustable conical burr grinders machined from high-grade tool steel, hardened for an extraordinary longevity.

The Montevideo's grinding mechanism allows for a precise grind, suitable for any brew method.

Step-less adjustment permits a consistent and uniform grind from coarse to powder-fine with the least possible heat build-up, to protect the most delicate flavours.

Made by the leading German mill maker Zassenhaus, a mill maker since 1867.

The Montevideo bean container has a capacity of 50 grams. 

Instructions for use:

For a coarse grind, turn the cog-wheel clockwise; for a finer grind turn the cog-wheel counterclockwise.