Unroasted - Peru Fair Trade Organic HB MCM


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About the bean

Coffee arrived in Peru in the mid-1700's - sooner than most of its Central American neighbours - but Peru's role as an exporter didn't take flight until the late 1800's, after a severe outbreak of leaf rust destroyed coffee giants such as Sri Lanka but raised Peru's profile as a region of interest. Although the country's fortunes as a coffee player have taken various twists and turns over time, Peru continues to gain in strength and has become a world leader in the production of certified organic offerings.

Peru has also gained in fascination as a wellspring of untapped potential for specialty coffees and unique flavour profiles. We often don't know what each new coffee from here will deliver, such is the range, but the typical character tends to the mild and smooth, carried by gentle notes of interest and a deep sweetness.

Our current crop hails from northern Peru's Amazonas Coffee Friends, a cooperative with 120 small farmers under its wing. We sampled this coffee as both a Full City and Vienna roast, and as a drip and French press brew. The strong jolt of joe in the cup is just what we crave these dark mornings. Notes of caramel and red fruit (plum) layer the flavour.

A perfect pick for espresso, drip and blender coffees.

Quick Notes

Process: Washed and patio dried
Altitude: 2,000 masl.
Region: Amazonas, Cajamarca, Piura
Botanical varieties: Typica, Caturra, Catimor and Bourbon
HB: Hard Bean (HB) or High Grown (HG). These beans are grown above 1,200 masl. (metres above sea level).
MCM: Most coffee from Peru is either an MCM / Grade 2 category, or MC / Grade 3 category. These coffees offer a medium acidity and body with a pleasant and clean flavour. Grade 1 (as per this coffee) is the highest quality on this scale, distinguished by a very good acidity, body and aroma.

Roast recommendation: Darker, like the days. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: http://greenbeanery.ca/pages/roasting-chart.