Roasted - Harvest Gold - Limited Edition


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About the blend

We love bringing you blends!

It's been a good, long time since we last created a new in-house recipe. But fall is brewing season, so we got to it.

Limited Edition fall blend - 1lb

A mouthful of flavour in the autumnal palette of orange, yellow and brown

Expect a nutty, juicy, yellow fruit personality mixed with sweet spicy intrigue and a most pleasant aftertaste (even a little liquorice on the finish). The lovely nuances are a soft collision of four different regions. 

Our taste group sampled a range of blends separately and compared our notes blind: We all picked this one as our unanimous favourite. It's a pleaser.

The flexibility is excellent. We tried a City+ roast to an espresso, as well as chilled. Much to our delight, this new blend works well across the spectrum of roast levels and serving preferences. 

Guess what? It's also a nice after-dinner coffee. Tis' the time of season to explore the shadows, after all!

Quick Notes

Taste Test: City roast profile brewed in a Hario V60 dripper. Excellent. Definitely a coffee experience to savour. Go darker without losing the juicy fruit character. 

Roast recommendation: Real flexibility here. Choose to preference. For an explanation of our different roasts, see our roasting guide here.

Note: This blend is available in three roast profiles: City (medium light), Full City (medium dark) and Vienna (espresso).