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About the bean

We're thrilled to welcome this natural Brazilian to our inventory. Our former in-house beans expert, cupper and roaster, Priscila Fonseca, has a family tie to this particular Brazilian - it's from her family farm!

Monte Verde farm is located in the south of Minas Gerais - the big wheel on Brazil's coffee producing campus - in the municipality of Santana da Vargem. The farm grew and modernized under the innovative eye of the family's matriarch, and all who work here are treated like family. Two sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, along with collaborators have taken Fazenda Monte Verde and Fazenda Nevada (another farm in the municipality of Campanha) to where they are today. The greatest of care during harvest and post-harvest is evident in the cup.

This pick represents the flavours of southern Minas Gerais and was produced by Danielle Fonseca and Ana Elisa (Ana also runs a farm in Santana da Vargem with her brothers Wander and Wagner). 

Pictured are Danielle and sister Priscila. Granddaughter and coffee farmer's daughter, Danielle Fonseca started managing the family farm with her father in 2016. When her parents moved to another city and Priscila moved to Canada, she took over management of the farm by herself. She works tirelessly to implement sustainable practices and to improve post-harvesting methods to ensure her coffee's special characteristics shine. Traceability of every step involved in harvesting is available for all lots produced by Fazenda da Serra.

Our favourite Brazilian.

Quick Notes

Farm: Fazenda da Serra 
Producers: Danielle Fonseca 
Region: Sul de Minas
Sub-region: Santana da Vargem
Community: Serras de Minas Group
Process: Natural
Altitude: 900 masl.
Varietals: Mundo Novo
Screen Size: 15+
Drying Method: Sun-dried
Grain PRO: Yes
Direct Trade: Yes (bought directly from the farmer)

Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Caramel and Tea

Roasting recommendation: Roast at a City or Full City profile to enhance body and sweetness. Lighter works very well. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: