Reg Barber Tamper Bases


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All of our Reg Barber bases are compatible with the screw-on Reg Barber handles we carry, all crafted with care to deliver the perfect tamp every time.

This is the standard shape for most tampers. The flat base creates an even surface and makes an ideal match for espresso machines with a shower (where the water comes out) that is also flat in shape.

The centre features a flat surface with sloped sides (Euro Curve around the edges). This design creates a wall that seals in the grinds and prevents water from going around the puck. The C-Flat shape allows for greater infusion of the coffee grinds and the result is a richer taste. 

This is essentially the C-Flat with ripples - a shape that creates a more textured finish. This helps to keep the water more evenly distributed for consistency with the coffee to water contact. 
The C-Ripple was used by the World barista Champion of 2009.

American Curve:
The American Curve has the slightest rounded curve of the curved options (1.661 mm between the edge and centre). Like the Euro Curve, it coaxes water to the centre of the puck and away from the edges, giving a more infused flavour. 

European Curve:
As above but with a deeper curve than that of the American model (3.355 mm between edge and centre).

Lazy V: For those who need a big base for a VST basket. Reg Barber's big base won't create suction and won't become stuck in your portafilter!

The stainless steel for all of the bases produced by Reg Barber is made in the USA using standard 304 food grade steel. Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion and is a heavier metal. 

We recommend the stainless-steel bases for practicality, as they are the most resistant to rust and scratches (and that translates to easy, low maintenance). The Brass finish is also highly resistant to weathering but will require some work to maintain its lustrous and classy finish. The Copper base is recommended for those looking for a more rustic look but we do warn that Copper is the most prone to tarnishing and will require maintenance: regular cleaning and drying. Essentially, all three materials deliver the same high-quality tamp.

View our selection of tamper handle options here (Reg Barber tamper handles and bases are sold separately).