Pallo CoffeeTool Espresso Machine Brush


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Finally, a better, smarter, scald-free way to clean your espresso machine groupheads! Pallo's CoffeeTool Espresso Machine Brush is a revolutionary multi-functional cleaner for baristas in the workplace and home.

Unlike other grouphead brushes, the CoffeeTool's unique design and clever water-deflecting fins keep hands cool and dry while cleaning. Other useful features include a backflush detergent scoop that reduces waste by dosing the correct amount of detergent every time. CoffeeTool's steam wand "Vent Poker" feature comes in very handy when dealing with blockages - say goodbye to paperclips! 

Should the CoffeeTool's long-lasting bristles finally wear out, simply remove the used bristles and thread on a new bristle cartridge.

This revolutionary super tool will change what you expect from an espresso brush forever.

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