Peugeot Vendme Chocolate Chile Mill

PM19532/SMC6514CH - 01

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The Vendme's mill mechanism is specifically designed with a patented pre-chopped system to grind dried chile peppers from fine to coarse, and carries a lifetime warranty. Comes partially filled with chile peppers. Matching pepper, salt, spice, and Gurande salt mill sold separately.

Size: 14 cm / 5.5"
Colour: Acrylic / natural wood / chocolate finish

Peugeot of France

Peugeot of France created the pepper grinder in 1842. The patented design of the grinding mechanism created by a company engineer for the first Peugeot pepper mills is still in use today, virtually unchanged. Often copied, but never equaled, the mechanism made of case hardened steel is designed to crack the peppercorns before the actual fine grinding process. The grooves on a Peugeot mechanism are individually cut into the metal, and then case hardened, making them virtually indestructible. The same unyielding commitment that goes into every Peugeot pepper mill mechanism is also evident in the stainless steel salt mechanism. Peugeot grinding mechanisms are the choice of food professionals and discerning cooks around the world.