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  • Patented High Intensity Mixing System delivers consistent quality in the cup --- cup after cup, from the top of the cup to the bottom
  • Includes variety-pack of eight displays: Apple Juice; Cranberry Juice; Grape Juice; Lemonade; Orange Juice; Pineapple Juice; Prune Juice; Iced Tea
  • LED lighted door graphics bring high visibility to front-of-house applications
  • One dispenser delivers both frozen and ambient products, to maximize profitability by providing greater flexibility in product offerings
  • 18lb (8.2 kg) ice bank provides superior cold drink capacity
  • Push Button Push-and-hold model. Can also be re-set for a single size portion dispense.
  • 7" (17.8cm) cup clearance accommodates most juice containers
  • Quick dispense with 1.0 to 1.5oz (29.6 to 44.4ml) per second flow rate
  • Door lock standard
  • ADA compliant dispense switch kit model available for self-serve locations
  • Service friendly design makes set up and maintenance simple
  • Pumps and Mixes most 2+1 to 11+1 concentrates accurately and consistently, including 4+1 and 5+1 high viscosity concentrates


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