Unroasted - Indian Robusta Parchment Kaapi Royale SC17


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About the bean

Robustas typically contain twice the caffeine (and antioxidants) of Arabica beans. The Kaapi Royale, first introduced in the early '90s, is a washed Robusta prepared from the re-sorting of Robusta Parchment AG; the result is a screen 17 coffee with no defects. A Kaapi Royale typically does not have the same particular aftertaste as an unwashed Robusta coffee.

What we love about this bean is its price, caffeine content and long shelf life.

The Taste Test

French Press - Full City Roast

The fragrance and aroma are deliciously intense and unique. The taste isn't typical of a Robusta - expect a clean, woody flavour with a smooth, nutty aftertaste. Full body.

High-quality washed robustas like this one are great in espresso blends and are often used to fortify milk-based espresso drinks and extend, in particular, Italian-style blends. For a special treat - try blending with an African coffee. Robusta beans also help to maintain an ample crema - Kaapi Royale is known for its special oomph in this regard.

Quick Notes

Region: Coorg, Wayanad, Chikmagalur and Travancore
Species: Robusta
Altitude: 500 - 1000 masl.
Process: Wet method
Harvest: January to March

Roast recommendation: Full City+. Robusta is low in acidity and sugar so there isn't a lot of transformation going on in the roasting process. This one needs a lot of rest after roasting, as much as four days or more.