Hottop Model KN-8828B-2K - Color LCD Display Auto Coffee Roaster with Manual Control - K-probe


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New Levels of control!

The KN-8828B-2K's basic design is firmly established in the dependability and solid design of its predecessors. Some of these time-proven features include:

  • A large cooling tray with forced air cooling quickly ends the roast and removes heat from the beans - a critical function for best taste.
  • A large glass window allows viewing of the beans during the roast cycle.
  • Extremely quiet operation makes it easy to monitor the cracks of the roasting cycle.
  • Heavy-duty components and high-quality electronics for dependable operation.
  • A stainless-steel roasting drum and outer surfaces.
  • A capacity of 250 grams.
  • Replaceable filter to help remove particulate matter and lessen smoke production.

The KN-8828B-2K offers complete manual control. Simply plug the roaster in and press the POWER/START button three times to begin the roasting process. Add your beans when the machine "beeps". You can opt to either roast and then eject your beans automatically or manually end your roast at any time.

As your learning curve advances, the various parameters of the roast process can be easily adjusted without complicated programming. As the roast progresses, use the machine's simple keypad to change various functions as seen here.


  • START/POWER - The largest button at the top of the control panel is for both POWER and START. Only one of these two choices will be illuminated by the LCD display at any given time.
  • EJECT - This option is always available during the roast cycle. EJECT will end the roasting process immediately and release beans into the cooling tray.
  • SELECT - The circular arrow is used to cycle through the various parameters available for adjustment. Adjustable parameters are: Target Time, Target Temperature, Fan Speed and Heating Element Power.
  • CHEVRON ARROWS - The Up and Down arrows are used to change each of the four adjustable parameters (explained below). If at any time a parameter is at its highest or lowest possible setting, that arrow will not be available.
The control panel uses an easy-to-read LCD display to provide all the information needed to successfully complete a roast. Four simple display areas make the process easy to understand.


  • TIME- Before the start of a roast, the user can program in the length of time. This is called the Target Time. During the roast the time display will countdown the remaining time in the roast. If the Select arrow is used to choose the time display it becomes encircled (as shown above). The remaining time can now be modified by adding or subtracting time using the Chevron up and down arrows. At any point in the roast, if the time display reaches 00:00 the KN-8828B will automatically eject the beans. The total roast time (time elapsed + time remaining) cannot exceed 25:00 minutes.
  • TEMPERATURE - During the roast, the temperature display will show two different parameters. If the Select arrow is used to choose the temperature display it becomes encircled (shown to the left). This is the Target Temperature, which, if reached, will automatically eject the beans. When the display is not encircled (as above) it is the current temperature in the roasting chamber. The Target Temperature can be changed at any time during the roast up to a maximum of 428oF. If the Target Temperature is lowered to the point where it equals the current temperature, the beans will be ejected.
  • MAIN FAN SPEED - Five speeds are available. Each of the four bars represent 25% of the fan's speed. When no bars are showing, the fan is off.
  • HEATING ELEMENT POWER - Ten heating levels are available. Each bar represents 10% of the heating element's power. When no bars are selected, the heating element is off.
  • 120V (60Hz)
All four parameters explained above can be regulated within their respective ranges by the user at any time during the roasting process.New to the KN-8828B-2K is the addition of a knob on the back of the machine, below the main ventilation fan. In emergency situations, such as a power outage or a failure of the electrical ejection mechanism, the user can pull this knob and manually eject the beans.

    Note: All roasters run the risk of fire hazard. For this reason, take care never to leave your roaster unattended, when in use.

    Owner's Manual

    Warranty: U.S. customers: 1 year parts and labor through the Manufacturer. For details contact