Roasted - Guatemala SHG, Fair Trade Organic


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About the bean

Founded in 1989, ASOBAGRI (Asociación Barillense de Agricultores), the supplier of our new Coffee of the Week, is a champion of small farmers looking to grow, improve and move their beans out into the world.

Early on in ASOBAGRI's  journey, the Montreal-based NGO, Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI), reached out to  develop ASOBAGRI's Fair Trade Organic business through market access and direct export. The ASOBAGRI group now represents more than 1,000 producers (95 of whom are women), and are celebrated for their certified organic, Fair Trade, Café Fermenino and bird friendly fare.

Flavour Notes: Apricot. Fruit Forward. Cocoa. Crisp Acidity.

Quick Notes

ORIGIN: Guatemala
REGION: Huehuetenango
PROCESS: Washed, Sun-dried
ALTITUDE: 1,300-1,600  masl.
VARIETIES: Typica, Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra,
Pache, Villalobos
CERTIFIED: Fair Trade Organic
SHG: Strictly High Grown (grown at
altitudes >1,200 masl.)
CUPPING SCORE: 86 (specialty grade)
HARVEST: January-March

Roast recommendation: To preference. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: