Green Beanery Fair Trade Certification program Probe International


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Here's how Probe International's Fair Trade Certified program works. With the purchase of any product certified by Probe International, you will receive small stickers that identify the product as 'Probe International Fair Trade Certified.' The number of stickers you receive will correspond to the weight of the packages that you plan to sell, and the weight of the Probe International-certified beans that you have purchased.

There is no per-label charge for the stickers. It is also possible to incorporate the Probe International Certified stickers into the design of your own labels but a charge would apply, to reflect the cost of the artwork and printing.

To participate in this program you must also either link to the page on our site which explains the program, or provide this information on your own site. Registration costs $1.00

Probe International is a federally registered charity that works to protect small farmers around the world.