Cilio Coffee Maker Adriana


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Traditional preparation meets modern functionality. The espresso maker ADRIANA by cilio has a flat bottom and is suitable for all types of stoves including induction. It fits perfectly into modern kitchens. The slim cooker made of polished stainless steel and black handle also leaves a shiny impression visually. It is available in three sizes, for 2, 4 or 6 cups, depending on whether you want to have a coffee break on your own or if you want to serve your friends an espresso after the pasta meal. Place the appliance filled with water and espresso powder and screwed firmly onto the stove. While you chat with your guests, the cooker does his job. As soon as you hear the characteristic bubbling and smell the typical smell of coffee, it's time to go back to the kitchen.

Suitable for all heat sources including induction - depending on the minimum diameter of the pan detection of your cooker.