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Both Provide

  • Designed for one or two .5 gallon coffee brewers. They also work well with BUNN HW2 hot water machine.
  • Provides 1,500 gallons of superior sediment, taste/odor and chlorine reduction @ .5 gpm.
  • 5 micron graded density filtration for long life.
  • Perfectly sized to ensure quality coffee and long-term performance of 1 to 5 pot brewers (up to 15 lbs. of coffee/week).
  • Special scale inhibitor provides six months of scale reduction and guards against corrosion.
Quick Connect:
  • Quick change filter head allows cartridge replacements in only a few seconds, and in any position.
  • The ED-17-TL replaces the 750 In-Line filter previously offered by BUNN

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