Bodum Bistro Nouveau Teapot


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The 1.0L Bodum Bistro Nouveau Teapot in a sea finish is the only version of this model we have left. This version was a display unit and will ship without its original packaging. As such, this unit is discounted. The unit is in brand-new condition and will ship in a box secured for safe passage in transit.

The pleasure of making tea in the Bodum Bistro Nouveau is the pleasure of simplicity. Okakura Kakuzo states in The Book of Tea: "Tea has not the arrogance of wine, the self-consciousness of coffee, nor the simpering innocence of cocoa."

Brewing tea the traditional way is what the Nouveau was made to do. The teapot comes with a simple strainer in plastic and a capacity of either 6 cups (as per the 1.0 L model) or 9 cups (as per the 1.5 L model). Both the teapot and strainer are dishwasher safe.

1.0 L (the only capacity we currently carry)


Length = 10.5 cm
Diameter = 6 cm

Glass Insurance Recommendation:

We check the condition of our items thoroughly before shipping. However, fragile items with glass components can still be damaged during transit. 

Canada Post and other couriers do not accept responsibility for breakage or damage incurred in transit if the product involves glass.

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