Bodum Assam Tea Press


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The Assam Tea Press is the most popular item in Bodum's tea maker collection. The Assam's appeal might well be its low price point but it might also be because it's so easy to use. Whatever the reason, the end result is memorable.

The ABS plastic handle is attached to the Assam's heat-resistant glass bowl with a high-tech fixative to provide a secure and easy grip when pouring tea.

Choose from either a plastic or stainless-steel strainer filter. The polycarbonate plastic can be cleaned in the dishwasher together with the teapot, making it the ultimate everyday tea maker.

The classic Assam Tea Pot with the new stainless-steel filter comes with a borosilicate glass jug, glass handle, stainless-steel infuser and lid. The clear glass means the infusion process is visible at all times, making it a very attractive table piece. Dishwasher safe; the jug (without the rod and lid) can also go in the microwave.

Note: 17oz = 0.5L, 34 oz = 1.0L, 51 oz = 1.5L

Instructions for use:

  • Put the desired quantity of tea into the base of the strainer column.
  • Pour boiling water into the strainer column but do not overfill: leave approximately 1.6 inches from the lip (an overfilled teapot will not pour properly).
  • Position the plunger at the top of the strainer column and wait 4-5 minutes before pressing down on the plunger, or when the tea has reached the preferred strength.
  • The plunger should be depressed firmly enough to seal the tea in the base of the strainer column.
  • To speed up the infusion, gently move the plunger up and down two or three times. If using teabags, take care that they do not become trapped between the plunger and column wall.
  • We recommend 3-5 minutes for black teas, or 5-10 minutes for herbal or fruit teas. For green and specialty teas, follow the recommendations of your tea retailer or refer to the instructions on the Bodum tea package.

Glass Insurance Recommendation:

We check the condition of our items thoroughly before shipping. However, fragile items with glass components can still be damaged during transit. 

Canada Post and other couriers do not accept responsibility for breakage or damage incurred in transit if the product involves glass

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