Gift Ideas

In-store, online - we've got Christmas covered here at Green Beanery. Whether you're looking for that extra special something for the coffee connoisseur on your gift list, a host or hostess present, a last-minute stroke of genius, stocking stuffers or a delightful goody or two for yourself, you won't go away empty-handed. Browse our online catalog here or stop by our cafe-roastery on the corner of Bathurst and Bloor (we have all sorts of items out on display in-store that can be purchased right away).

To get you started, here's a round-up of what we have available both in-store and online:


Beans are what we're really about and that's what we have in abundance: the world's largest variety - 100 beans in six different roast profiles [see our Roasting Chart here].

For a premium coffee pick, opt for the crème de la crème: Jamaica Blue Mountain and/or Hawaiian Kona Estate "Captain's Ohana Farm". To shop our roasted beans selection, see here, and our unroasted (green) beans selection, see here. Our beans are fresh roasted. Please order ahead to ensure your beans are on hand in time for the big day. We carry ready-roasted beans in-store, too.


Although grinders are a vital part of the overall coffee purchase - ideally, 50% of a budget that includes a low-end espresso machine (around $300) and 25% when the espresso machine is higher end ($1500+) - thankfully not all types of coffee require an investment grinder. Drip coffee, for instance, is fairly forgiving.

Choose from manual grinders, to fun and functional, to high-end home, to commercial-calibre when you browse our array of grinding options here.


Not only do we roast fresh in-store, we also sell roasters for home-users, and even the roaster we use 24/7 at our store: the Solar Automatic Coffee Roaster. Our coffee roaster inventory is admittedly a little tight right now (due to some out-of-stock items) but we still have plenty of our most popular line: the Behmor 1600 Plus, the largest capacity home roaster on the market. See here to view our entire range.

Coffee Brewers
If you're an artisanal coffeehouse fan and have long admired the "beautility" gear many Third Wave cafes make regular use of, consider joining the ranks of cafe chic yourself with a Chemex Wood Collar Glass Coffee Maker. The Chemex is a pour-over brewer and the pour-over method is favoured for its clean taste - the perfect way to savour the complex flavours in sought-after single-origin beans. We've got an entire category of equipment devoted to pour over: view our various offerings here

If you're looking for a more traditional brewer, we do carry the classic stovetop espresso maker. These are the coffee makers that first introduced North Americans to a new era of “in casa un espresso come al bar” (espresso made at home the equal of a coffee shop or bar). Prefer something less hands-on? Browse our easy-to-use, mid-range espresso makers and coffee brewers for programmable, high-quality results in either semi-automatic or fully automatic options. Or take the leap to commercial-style fare with a Bunn coffee maker - the possibilities here are endless, and while the extensive Bunn range tends to suit cafes, restaurants, offices and small businesses best, some units are made especially for the home.

Does all this mean the French press has had its day? Oh my goodness, no! Many of us start our coffee adventure in life with a French press. But what few realize is that the French press is a full circle adventure in and of itself. Not only do these press-plunge coffee makers look elegant and make simple work of the most important task of the day, they are measures of excellence.

Did you know the French press method is the coffee maker of choice for professional cuppers who rely on it for taste testing? The French press allows for the full blossom of the coffee experience - the aroma, body and flavour with every nuance amplified. As there are no filters used, the essential oils of the coffee bean go directly into the cup and the result is maximum flavour. This is very important for coffee cuppers seeking to identify the characteristics of a particular bean. To shop our French press and coffee press lines, see here.

Accessories and other ideas

There is something elegant, even joie enfantine about a frothy, foam finish to a warm beverage, be it a latte, hot chocolate or cozy cup of cocoa. Fancy, fun and eternally festive, a cap of froth can elevate a drink, disguise a bad one or satisfy the need for a little bit of indulgence now and then. We carry quite the selection of foaming fancies; take your pick from hand-held to high-end.

For gung-ho hobbyists aspiring to lift their roasting game, serious coffee fanatics, or just folks who sure do like their cup of joe, how about a coffee table book? We have several titles available: The Coffee Roaster's CompanionCoffee Obsession, and The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing.

For coffee and tea lovers alike, a kettle is always welcome - unless it's cold brew or iced tea, that water does need to be warm! Consider barista favourite, the Hario Buono Stainless Steel Kettle with its sleek beehive design and gooseneck spout. Choose from an assortment of stovetop styles, plug-in and boil, or even cordless if you prefer. See Kettles for our full line-up.

Dashing into our store on the corner of Bathurst and Bloor for a gift on the go? We carry delicious Genuine Tea loose-leaf varieties; freshly roasted beans ready to drink, unroasted beans for the home roaster, gadgets galore; travel presses, mugs and forever cups

No time to decide? Give 'em a gift card. We've got oodles to choose from. Place your order online and let us do the rest.