Bodum Assam 2 pcs. glass


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Assam double wall glass collection is a design innovation. These glasses are made of ultra-light, heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass. Their unique double wall design creates a highly effective layer of insulation that keeps hot drinks hot without burning your fingers and cold drinks cold without the messy condensation. The glasses are available in a variety of sizes to perfectly frame espressos, cappuccinos, beer and iced drinks, forever eliminating the need for a coaster. Proving that design works when form follows function, these thermo glasses have already been awarded with two prestigious international design awards: The International iF Product Design Award 2005 for their pure and minimal design and The Materialica Design Award 2004 for using a known material in an innovative way.

Available in 3 oz, 6oz, 8 oz, and 13.5 oz sizes.