Bodum Bistro Adjustable Coffee Grinder


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The Bodum Bistro Electric Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is continuously adjustable. Twisting the upper bean container permits grinding ease from a coarse French press to a fine espresso - 12 settings with the ability to micro-adjust between settings. Holds an amazing 220 gr of coffee.

  • A borosilicate glass container reduces static cling to coffee grounds. A silicone band ensures less slippage, an especially important feature when touched with wet hands. 
  • The colour popped, durable, space-saving design pairs perfectly with e-Bodum’s Bistro collection of kettles and coffeemakers.
  • The Bistro's cone shape ensures quick and easy grinding.
  • Comes with a friction clutch, preventing damage to the grinding gear by the presence of small stones.
  • Rather than slicing beans, the Bistro crushes beans between stainless-steel conical burrs - this preserves the intrinsic flavour and aroma of beans and ensures a consistent grind performance. No sharpening required.
  • A push button, pre-set timer means you can grind for the exact amount of coffee needed, keeping beans fresh and preventing waste.

The different models

The Bodum Bistro Electric Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is made from borosilicate glass, steel, plastic, rubber and silicone. 

Warranty: 1 years parts and labour through Bodum on electric items only. For more information, see here.