Vario-W - Flat Ceramic Burr (with Shut-off Hopper and Bin)


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This new and improved version of the Vario burr model represents a game changing experience for coffee lovers looking for first-rate quality and an automatic, weight-based grind for superior flavour.

No more weighing your beans separately before you start. The Baratza Vario-W Burr coffee grinder's built-in precision load cell provides accurate weighing, while grinding, to within 0.1 grams. Three programmable buttons permit repeatable, one-touch grinding. These preset options can also be changed with the same ease, at any time.

The Vario-W includes all of its predecessor's winning attributes: a reasonable footprint, macro and micro adjustment (230 distinct and repeatable settings for any style of coffee), as well as Baratza's excellent post-purchase customer care service and warranty.

Quality also affords savings. The unit's ceramic, German-made Mahlk̦nig burrs will save you money on replacement thanks to their lasting durability. Considered the finest by many, these burrs often outlive the best steel burrs.

The Vario-W is a counter-top beauty, to boot: expect elegant housing and design of a high calibre.

The Baratza Vario-W Burr coffee grinder will take your coffee-making experience to new heights with the addition of automatic, programmable, weight-based grinding - with presets - and will return on your investment, cup after cup.

High Quality Grinding Mechanism

  • Stays sharper longer. Ceramic burrs last 1.5 - 2.0 x longer than steel burrs.
  • Limits the amount of heat transferred from burrs to coffee.

 Adjust Dose

  • Grinds only the coffee needed for each shot directly into your espresso portafilter. 
  • Eliminates the risk of stale ground coffee common in mechanical dosing units.
  • 0.1 second adjustable steps (0.2 grams).
  • Three programmable grind weight buttons.

Innovative Dual Cam Grind 

  • A right-hand lever allows for grind choice selection.
  • A lever on the left allows for fine tuning of the grind, to suit your range of preference.
    More than 230 grind settings are available to choose from.

Powerful DE motor

  • Turns slowly for a cool, extended grind time, if desired.
  • Circuitry is equipped with an automatic reset thermal switch.