Urnex - Urn & Brew 1 oz - pack of 10


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The Urnex Urn & Brew removes coffee oils and residue from your brewing and serving equipment. The cleaner comes in a pack of 10 with 1oz per packet. 


For use in urns and brewers:

  • Drain and rinse urn or brewer reservoir.
  • Pour in contents of packet.
  • Fill 1/4 to 1/2 full with very hot water.
  • Rub sides of vessel with brush.
  • Drain and rinse with clean water (for urns, use a brush on gauges and faucets).
  • Flush until any discoloration clears.
For use in glass coffee pots and coffee makers:
  • Use 1 tbsp. per bowl.
  • Sprinkle powder in brew basket.
  • Run cycle of solution through glass bowl or coffee pot.
  • Empty vessel.
  • Rinse clean by repeating cycle with water.