ICB Twin SH Soft Heat Platinum Edition Stainless, 120/240V with Wireless


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  • Stainless steel brew baskets provide durability and ease of cleaning
  • The QWERTY key pad feature allows for easy customization of recipe names in English, Spanish and French
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • New Infusion Soft Heat® servers [sold separately] are ergonomic, lighter weight, energy efficient and now offer programmable recipe/batch based holding times and temperatures, alerting staff when freshness has expired or server is empty
  • Customers can easily add up to 10 screensaver images to advertise and promote their brand and products
  • USB port for easy programming
  • Electronic funnel lock prevents removal of each brew funnel until drip- through is complete
  • Fast flow hot water faucet
  • Wireless Server monitoring
  • ICB Twin SH 53600.6100 is compatible with new Infusion SH servers, new TF 1.5-gallon ThermoFresh® Servers (with Base), all previous generations of TF 1.5-gallon TF Servers (with Base) and Titan® 1.5-gallon servers
  • 4.3" Color Touchscreen aids in customizing recipes, brewing options and control
  • The Infusion Series® Platinum Edition relies on the powerful duo of the Peak Extraction Sprayhead and SmartWAVE® technology to further enhance the uniformity of extraction and resistance to limescale buildup.

Servers sold separately

Spec Sheet

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