Coffee Distribution Tool - 58.5mm


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The Krome coffee leveller is a convenient tool for rich and consistent espresso shots. 

This coffee leveller distribution tool works with the following espresso brands: Astoria, Alex Duetto, Breville, ECM, Gaggia, Hamilton Beach, La Marzocco, Rancilio and Rocket.

  • Use this coffee distribution tool to make ground coffee; place in the portafilter; ridge-free and compact. 
  • Height adjustable – loosen the top portion by rotating anti-clockwise. Now adjust the depth using the bottom portion. Tighten the upper half by rotating in a clockwise direction to lock in the preferred height.
  • The low profile of the leveller makes it easy for baristas to work with a straight arm; easier on the wrist.
  • The larger flat surface area of the distribution tool head allows baristas to apply even pressure using the palm. This improves control and achieves a better consistency.
  • To use, rotate the coffee distribution tool a few times, applying slight pressure for an evenly packed coffee puck.