Urnex TABZ Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets


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Tabz (F61)

  • Removes coffee oils from brewers and servers.
  • By running a brew cycle with a tablet in the basket, users can simultaneously clean both the brew basket and server beneath it.
  • Formulated with a blue dye for safe use in busy commercial environments.
  • This formula contains phosphates. Z61 and Z95 versions do not contain phosphates.
  • Each tablet is 20.0 mm in diameter and weighs 4.0 g.
  • Two sizes to choose from: Select either 120 tablets or 30 tablets and get cleaning!


Step 1: Place one Tabz tablet per 64 oz (2 L) vessel capacity in brew basket.

Step 2: Run brew cycle into server and hold.

Step 3: Discard solution and remove any residue.

Step 4: Rinse all parts with clean water.

Tip: Clean inside of additional servers with one TABZ per 64 oz (2L) hot water. Solution can also be used to wipe spray heads.

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