Unroasted - Mexican Pluma - Sensory Sensation

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About the Producer

Growing coffee in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca, Enrique López is one of the greatest experimental coffee farmers in México. With more than 20 different post-harvest processes, Enrique has been called a pioneer of processing, pushing the boundaries of coffee experimentation.

Always working towards memorable coffees, Enrique has won international recognition due to his agro-ecological practices in full respect for nature. Finca Chelín is certified carbon neutral. On average, it saves 7000 tons of carbon each year.

About the Process

Four nights fermented in carbonic maceration in a closed tank. The next morning coffee is pulped and taken to a patio to dry at direct sunlight for 2 days. After this, coffee is taken to shade-dry to a patio covered by a 50% shade-cloth during 25 days. SCA score 88.

Farm: Finca Chelin
Producers: Enrique Lopez
Region: La Candelaria Loxicha
Process: Carbonic Maceration
Drying Method: Sun-dried and shade-dried

Fruity aroma with notes of cranberry, pineapple and vanilla. Round body with
tartaric acidity and a hint of citrus. Delicate berry flavour with clean aftertaste, pineapple and blackberry.