BUNN Infusion Series ICB Tall Coffee Brewer


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• Sleek, modernized design language on the brewer and servers
• Rounded angles on the corners and trunk
• Digital readout displays in English, Spanish, or French ---for
easier programming and control--- and can show either ‘Standard’
or Metric measurements. Digital readout also shows machine
status, and targeted advertising messages can be programmed for
• Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods
• Electronic funnel lock prevents removal of each brew funnel until
drip- through is complete
• Brew counter keeps track of how many batches are brewed
• BUNN Infusion Series technology allows for multiple recipes from
one footprint with six brew buttons and three batch sizes
• Pre-infusion and pulse brew for maximum flavor extraction. Cold
brew lockout & digital temperature control further ensure top-
notch brewing.
• Exclusive Peak ExtractionTM Sprayhead is multi-directiona with a
17-hole design to ensure ultimate uniformity of extraction
• USB programming
• Hot water faucet (supplied for custom installation)


35” x 22” x 10.2”
(88.9cm x 55.9cm x 25.9cm)

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