Unroasted - Haiti Washed


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Kolen is an area in rural Haiti, situated in the High South East Department of Haiti near the Dominican border. Farmers in this area have been growing coffee for centuries; it's not just a tradition; this small farmer owned association (APPCC) is the livelihood of 200+ families that make up the cooperative.

This washed, Arabica coffee excels in espressos, but tastes great in french press & drip brew too. Robust, rich, unparalleled.

Altitude: +/- 3700 ft ASL
Date Established: 2004
Varieties: Arabica Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Process: Washed
Recommended Roasting: Full City
Cupping Notes: Milk chocolate, Butter/Cream, Maple syrup, Brown sugar
Acidity Level: Mild, Citric, Malic
Body: Full and Heavy, well rounded
Cup Score: 83.5+