Unroasted - Brazilian Peaberry


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About the bean

The BRA PEA, as we call the Brazilian Peaberry here at Green Beanery, is a servery staple and the modest star of our coffee world: sweet and strong, tasty with a choc-note finish, this is our go-to bean for espresso. 

Much is made of the peaberry; lone-child champion of the coffee cherry (in which one seed is fertilized instead of two because one failed to develop). Science hasn't yet proved that the smaller, denser peaberry really is more flavorful than twin-seed normals. The peaberry, it is speculated, might absorb more nutrients that would otherwise be divided. True or false, the BRA PEA certainly does pack quite a flavour punch.

Generally speaking, what can be said of the peaberry is that it is rounded (there is more space to form without having to lie flat, seed-to-seed, against another), and this free-to-be-ness rolls well in roaster drums to produce a more even result.* Because peaberries are typically hand-sorted to separate them from regular beans (this is how these natural mutations are discovered), they can be quite pricey. Producer countries like Brazil, Kenya and Tanzania are usually the source of peaberry coffees, as their infrastructure facilitates the finding and sorting of these beans.

Variety: Peaberry - Red Catuai 
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Source:  Cachoeira or Joia Rara

Process: Natural Fermented 
Drying Method: Sun dried on patios

Altitude: 1,100-1,250 masl. 

Taste Notes: Sweet, fruity, citrus and high acidity, pineapple, clean, juicy body

We played around with a medium roast profile and enjoyed a juicy body, top notes of ripe fruit and a nice fruity finish. Good body. Expect a strong, flavorful brew with little in the way of complexity. Reviews of the Brazilian Peaberry have always impressed us over time - folks really dig the BRA PEA. And with a forgiving price, this bean is open to experimentation.

* The peaberry can be a tricky roast, however. The beans are dry on the outside but trap moisture on the inside. The exterior will look quite dark by comparison to other beans as you roast. Bear this in mind, especially for lighter roasts (we prefer to go to first crack).

Roast Recommendation: Full City, Full City+. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: http://greenbeanery.ca/pages/roasting-chart.