Unroasted - Nicaragua SHG EP Yellow Honey


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About the bean

Not surprisingly, this is a sweet offering!

Honey processing is the middle ground between washed processing and natural/dry processing: the cherry peel is removed but some amount of the sticky, honey-like mucilage remains while the beans dry.

Honey-processed beans are assigned a colour to indicate the amount of light the bean is exposed to during drying. These particular beans are “yellow honey,” meaning that they dried after one week of exposure to light and are the fastest drying of the honey-processed beans.

Expect a round body, bright acidity and lemon-like aftertaste.

Process:  Honey.
Botanical Varieties : Caturra, Castilla, Colombia, Marseillaise, Obata, Parainema, Java, Arara, Maragogype and Sarchimor.

Region and Municipality: El Arenal Nature Reserve, Cordillera Isabelia, Matagalpa, Nicaragua.
Average altitude: 1 ,100 masl
Production Area: 79 Hectares

Roast recommendation: City+ to Full City+.