Unroasted - Brazilian Cerrado 2/3, SC 17/18 SS FC


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About the bean

We like a strong cup in the morning that's more of a classic brew: good body, sensitive to our new-day tummies, and reliably flavorful - chocolatey sweet and nutty; no big shakes but not a dull drink, either. The Cerrado is consistently this and more: we use the Cerrado for all of our coffee whims - espresso, specialty options, cold brew, blends ... And the price is so nice! Just what we need for this time of year as we move into darker days and find ourselves gobbling our caffeine supplies a little/lot more than we have been.

Sweet, nutty and priced to please.

This coffee is an SS/FC grade - what does that mean?

FC (Fine Cup):
 Indicates specialty grade coffee.

SS (Strictly Soft): Grown at relatively low altitudes. 

Taste Test

We sampled the Cerrado as a City and City+ roast brewed in a Hario V60 pour over (for the City) and a French press (for the City+), as we do, to give you a sense of a new crop in the cup. At the City roast, the Cerrado gave us that Good-Morning-Wake-Up we were after. Sweet and strong with a syrupy body and a chocolate belly. Softly acidic. 

At a Full City+ we enjoyed a more mellow result, which is surprising for a darker roast profile. The sweetness remained pronounced, the body grew heavier and the nutty notes came out to play. A stronger flavour overall.

We also put the Full City+ to work as a latte. The Cerrado's sweet, nutty character performed to good effect here; nicely uniform and tasty.

Roast recommendation: City to Full City (soft bean, will roast quickly). For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: http://greenbeanery.ca/pages/roasting-chart.