Espro BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer - 18 oz


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Release the full potential of your coffee with the Bloom Pour Over Brewer

18 oz / 1-2 Cups

Comes with 10 filters

Espro's BLOOM brewer is an exceptional entry to the pour over market. The design's uniquely steep shape ensures a more even extraction and faster brew time.

The unit's flat bed design features more than 1500 precision-cut holes. The BLOOM's deep brew bed and microfilter combine to evenly distribute water for a more channeled water flow and consistent coffee extraction. 

Pour over that's faster and easier.

The brewer's stainless-steel body is built for longevity.

A silicone sleeve ensures both heat retention and safe handling.

The BLOOM is quite possibly the only pour over brew to offer both paper and paperless brewing! 

Gorgeous construction.

Excellent results

Patented 1502-hole microfilter and brew bed consistently bring out your coffee's best flavours.

30% faster

Makes exceptional coffee in just two minutes, thanks to the steep slope of the design and a unique filter. 

Dual mode

Use with ESPRO paper filters for a clean brew and easy cleanup, or without for less waste and a more full-bodied brew. 


  • Patented microfilter has a spiral pattern and 1502 precision cut holes
  • Comes with starter pack of 10 Bloom Pour Over Paper Filters
  • Stainless-steel brewer comes with silicone sleeve so that your coffee stays hot and your hands stay cool
  • Makes 1-2 cups of coffee / 18 oz

View Espro's video guide to using the BLOOM brewer here.